The GPCC is led by the president and founder, Pastor Henry Ampomah-Boateng, and assisted by the vice president Mrs. Perpetual Ampomah-Boateng.

The highest decision-making body of the Church is the General Council. It consists of all confirmed Apostles/Prophets/Evangelists and Pastors of the Church, Regional/Area executive committee members, National deacons, Trustees and Leaders of committees.

The Executive Council, headed by the President of the Church, sees to the day-to-day administration of the Church..

Below the General Council is the Area/Regional administrative structure. The Area/Region is headed by the Area Head, who is either an Apostle or an experienced senior pastor.

The Area is further divided into districts, each of which is headed by a District Pastor who administers his district with the support of an executive committee.

Finally, the district has a number of local congregations headed by presiding elders who implement decisions of the District with the assistance of their local presbyteries.

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